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Living a Pain-Free Life Where You Enjoy Food Again is Possible

As a registered dietitian (RD) for over 30 years, I’ve helped thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area modify their diet and lifestyle to improve their health, nutrition, and cardiometabolic status. Not only do I specialize in GI nutrition but as a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), I specialize in metabolic management and work with people with prediabetes, as well as type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. As an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Care Practitioner (IFNCP), I have learned that also addressing root causes and lifestyle will help naturally catapult one’s health while honoring our most basic principles.

I believe food is medicinal as well as pleasurable. I will always guide you towards eating real foods that will nourish your body and soul. I will meet you where you are at and without judgment, guide you to where you want to be. If you’re seeking more energy, a more optimal weight, and a better mindset around your relationship with food, I’m here for you.

Are We The Right Fit?

My dietitian-approved resources can help you if:

→ Your day-to-day life doesn’t feel like it used to, or you simply feel like it can be better

→ You’re uncomfortable with your current weight

→ You’re sick of navigating your mealtimes on your own

→ You’re seeking tools that can help you improve your health and manage your diet and your relationship with food better

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“My passion lies in taking a holistic approach to medicine and helping change lives and change health by using fasting as rejuvenation, food as medicine, cooking as creativity/caring, and supplements as support.”

–Darcie Ellyne, MS, RDN, CDE, IFNCP

Nutrition Counseling Services and Resources

Fasting Diet Plans, Clock Icon

Fasting Diet Plans

Experience Prolon, a nutritionist approved fast-mimicking diet that I use for a metabolic reset. It is a great tool for weight loss, reducing inflammation, cellular rejuvenation, energy replenishment, overall health and longevity.

Customized Meal Plans, Checklist Icon

Customized Meal Plans

When you want to focus on your health and utilize food as medicine, but aren’t quite sure what steps to take, customized meal plans will get you on the right track. Get yours today!

Dietitian-Recommended Supplements, Pill Bottle Icon

Dietitian-Recommended Supplements

Dietary supplements are an awesome resource that can boost your nutrient intake and help improve specific health symptoms. Explore my top protocols, sources, and discounts!

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Other Nutrition Resources

If you’re looking for trusted meal delivery services or highly reviewed gadgets and apps, I’ve done the research for you. Check out my top nutrition resources!

Transform Your Health with Personalized Nutrition Counseling

At this time, I am available for in-person counseling and telehealth through the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. If you would like to discuss your goals and how I can help you meet them, please contact me for a 15-minute discovery call.