About Darcie Ellyne

Clinical and Culinary Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

For the Love of Food!

Food is joyful and delicious. It’s about connection, sharing, and communication. It’s culture and expression. Food is powerful and impactful. It’s aesthetic and functional. Food means something to everyone.

My nutrition career path has put me on two distinct paths, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and restaurant dietitian, I know that food matters.

My food industry consulting helps businesses, from local or chain restaurants to publishers and senior living residences, celebrate the diversity and nutritional impact food can bring into our lives. Through nutritional analysis of food products, recipes or restaurant menus, I help shine the light on these important facts and make food accessible to everyone. Not only can restaurants and other food service establishments connect with their audiences more deeply, but they can also be sure they are compliant with FDA restaurant regulations. Moreover, the end result is easy-to-use and customer-friendly procedures, training, and labeling that will allow their business to grow and scale.

On the individualized nutrition counseling side of what I do, my passion lies in taking a holistic approach to medicine and helping transform the lives and health of those suffering with GI or other annoying symptoms. By using fasting as rejuvenation, food as medicine, cooking as caring, and supplements as support, I am able to help people reduce their pains and find joy in food again!

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About Darcie

I graduated from University of Illinois in Champaign with a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality and Institution Management. I then headed to San Francisco when California Cuisine was blossoming, and I managed a variety of progressive, corporate dining rooms and healthcare food services. Since I vowed to provide the freshest and most sumptuous foods for not only pleasure but for health and healing, I returned to school and completed my Master’s degree in Nutrition Science and became a Registered Dietitian. Finally, I went on to study culinary arts in Paris at École de Gastronomie Française Ritz-Escoffier.

Through my extensive training and experiences, I sought to remain connected in both worlds of culinary and clinical nutrition. I maintained a consulting practice called “Restaurant Dietitian” where I provided nutrition consulting and menu labeling services to the foodservice industry for over two decades. I’ve worked with chefs, entrepreneurs, and marketing departments to calculate and address the nutrition content of their recipes and menus. Concurrently, I’ve worked with patients in a large multispecialty outpatient clinic to provide medical nutrition therapy and diabetes education to assist people in the achievement of their personal health goals.