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Top-Notch Food Service Establishments Require Top-Notch Nutrition Food Industry Consulting Services

When it comes to your business, you need a reliable and knowledgeable resource for nutrition support. You need an expert who has attention to detail, is fast, and has a wide offering of services that fit your needs. You want to provide the best for your customers, and you know that top-notch nutrition is vital to your customers. I understand. I operate on one basic premise: your time is precious. And, believe me, I know your plate is full.

Navigating legislative mandates, interpreting nutrition guidelines, and calculating nutrition analysis is often more than restaurant staff and chefs have time and training to do. I offer full service food industry consulting services, freeing up your and your staff’s time, so you can all do the things each of you do best.

Are We The Right Fit?

I’ve dished up menu labeling, nutrition analysis, allergen statements, and recipe development for executive chefs, marketing managers, and product development teams. Additionally, I’ve successfully worked with institutional and commercial clients in hotels and spas, schools, chain restaurants, senior residences, healthcare institutions, publishers, grocery stores and more.

I can help you if:
→ You feel overwhelmed with FDA labeling requirements and restaurant legislation

→ You’re wasting too much time trying to figure out nutrition software

→ You’re lost in tracking down nutrition information for the products you use on your menu

→ You’re struggling with nutritious or good-tasting recipes or menu development

Our services don’t stop there!

Our Nutrition Concierge program tailors our programming and food industry consulting services to suit your exact needs.

My Experience Speaks for Itself

We Start with the 3 A’s


Assess your project and provide a quote. We don’t like hidden fees or surprises.


Analyze your recipes or menu and deliver the data you need – fast and accurate! See how we do it »


Anticipate your needs and questions and address them. We provide exceptional customer service and follow-up.

We Focus on Your Bottom Line

I don’t just simplify your job, I also increase your profit and improve your efficiency. I advise you on things that can save you money and increase customer satisfaction that you may have never thought of or were unable to implement. I include a proven four-step process that never fails to deliver outstanding results:

Step 1: Calculate. I calculate the nutrition content for each of your menu items and their sub-recipes. With a complete nutrition analysis, you discover what’s in each dish and the results often surprise even the most informed professional.

Step 2: Interpret. I interpret the nutrition analysis and evaluate ingredient integrity. If you have specific goals such as heart-healthy, low-calorie, all natural, gluten-free or organic, I’ll make sure your menu complies with your health claims.

Step 3: Modify. I work with you to modify recipes so they meet your targeted guidelines and FDA-approved health claims standards. Best of all, the quality and taste profiles of your dishes will stay the same. Your signature dishes will still be as mouth-wateringly delicious as you intended.

Step 4: Communicate. I partner with your marketing department to publish your menu and also with your in-house staff for any necessary training they may need. Moreover, I provide training on ways to communicate with your customers via social media to promote your menu and concept.

Our Food Industry Consulting Services

Recipe Analysis and Development, Book Icon

Recipe Analysis and Development

I provide nutrition analysis on all recipes and sub-recipes using an industry standard, FDA approved database and nutrition analysis software. When needed, we can arrange for laboratory analysis.

If you need assistance in recipe standardization or modification, I will standardize your recipes. Likewise, I can modify your recipe formulations to meet specific nutrition targets or simply make the recipe healthier, while maintaining outstanding flavor.

Allergen and Gluten Free Programming, No Wheat Icon

Programming with FDA Requirements for Gluten-Free or Allergen-Free Labeling

I collaborate with your team to implement gluten-free and allergen-free programs. We review your foods for the presence of allergens and evaluate your menu and production for potential cross contamination. We can also train your staff to maintain an efficient, allergen-free kitchen in the future.

Menu Labeling, Food Icons

Food Product and Menu Labeling

I will help you define your menu and source your products appropriately. Menus may include Heart Healthy, Vegetarian, Healthy Kids, Local, Organic and Sustainable programs.

Additionally, we can analyze your recipes and produce FDA approved labels for food products sold retail. We can also generate 100g analysis for custom formulations sold wholesale.

Nutrition Customer Service and Social Media, Chat Bubble Icon

Customer Service and Social Media Campaigns

I can help you communicate with your customers about nutrition by training your staff or we can simply interface with your customers on behalf of your business.

Still figuring it all out?

I’m happy to work with you to design a Concierge Program combining just the services you need. I am a food industry consultant after all! This may include any combination of services listed here. Tell us what services you need and we’ll create a fully custom program to meet that need.

Want something not listed? Just ask! When it comes to information and support services for the foodservice industry, we can do almost anything nutrition-related.

High-Quality Food and Foodservice Establishments Deserve High-Quality Nutrition Support

You know your clientele value the flavor of your food, but you also know they care about the nutritional content. Let’s make it easy for them and set you a bar above the rest. We can even increase your profits and save you time along the way.

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