Food Industry Consultant GI Nutritionist Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Integrative and Functional Nutrition Care Practitioner

For the love of food!

I specialize as a GI nutritionist, diabetes educator and integrative and functional nutrition practitioner. I work with clients to help them optimize their health and nutrition, but my services don’t stop there… I am also a food industry consultant for restaurants and culinary professionals, offering nutrition analysis, menu development, and recipe formulation.

A chef plating a gourmet meal, Food Industry Consulting

Food Industry Consulting

Hello chefs, restaurant owners, foodservice entrepreneurs, food manufacturing company execs, cookbook authors, and other culinary professionals! If you’re looking for a one-stop shop restaurant dietitian consultant, I can help. I am able to support you with all things nutrition, including but not limited to:

  • Computerized nutrition analysis
  • Recipe analysis and development
  • Menu analysis, development, and labeling
  • Food product labeling
  • FDA requirements for gluten-free or allergen-free labeling
A chef plating a gourmet meal, Food Industry Consulting
A smiling healthy woman eats fresh food, Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling and Resources for Optimal Health

If your digestive system is functioning less than optimally, if your metabolism needs a reboot or if you are looking to optimize your health and enhance your longevity, take advantage of my nutritionist-approved resources and personalized services to take your health to the next level. I offer:

  • Fasting diet plans
  • Customized meal plans
  • Online healthy cooking classes
  • Dietitian-recommended supplements
  • 1:1 nutrition counseling
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Darcie Ellyne, Food Industry Consultant and Nutritionist, stands in a garden with large colorful blooming artichokes

Hi, I’m Darcie!

For me, food is both art and science. It represents beauty, nature, deliciousness, joy, love, energy, growth and healing. Food is also communication. Between people, food may be a way of expressing love, values, celebration or culture. Between cells, food and its powerful nutrients (or toxins) may turn on or turn off genes and deliver chemicals that have a profound impact on our health. I think food – its aesthetic and functional nature – is amazing, and I seek to enroll others in its pleasure and power.

This is why my nutrition career path has stemmed in two seemingly different directions. As a GI nutritionist, registered dietitian nutritionist, and food industry consultant, I know that food matters.