Supplements To Support Your Nutrition Goals

Dietitian-Recommended Supplements

The Problem With Most Supplements

Unlike prescription medication, supplements do not require rigorous third-party testing or clinical trials before being sold. Due to this lack of regulation, many supplements contain toxic ingredients, like actual prescription medication. More often, their content is not exactly what they claim and the potency level is not what they boast.

For that reason, it is important to choose your supplements wisely and to always use a reliable and safe, third-party tested brand.

By working with me, I can guide you toward safe and effective supplements. I curate specific trusted professional-grade supplements.

Getting the Right Dietitian-Recommended Supplements For You

I personally recommend that my nutrition clients shop at a company that stocks trusted, professional-grade supplements. All supplements are dietitian-recommended and third-party tested for toxins and potency.

If you’re unsure of where to start or what supplements would be the right fit for you, book a private consultation.

Explore dietitian-recommended supplements to boost your nutrient intake!

Get tested supplements from a trusted resource. If you’re not sure what supplements are right for you, schedule a consultation with me today.